Price: $800

Seller: Sarah Kay
State: Idaho
City: Bellevue
Zip code: 98033
Type: Animals

Black and Tan female Yorkie, 41/2 lbs!! Very small and very sweet!! She loves you so much, very smart, potty trained, papered, beautiful and I can't even tell you enough how sweet she is!! She is a year old. Mimi, is great around all others pets, children, and travels great!
I am only forced to rehome her due to being over my head. I have a parrot, mini parrot, inside cat, chihuahua, 11yr old Yorkie, and 3 kids under 12. I purchased Mimi for the fact she was a friends and I couldn't get over the fact of how sweet, smart and loyal she is! I thought she is not shaky like a lot of little dogs, and with all of that, I thought I would breed her so others could share her personality. We then had a family emergency, and I will not be able to keep her after all financially or physically. I am forced to down grade and sinyority forces me to rehome Mimi. Bless Her sweet heart..
First great home, first.. Mimi is soo precious..