Seller: Willy
State: Idaho
City: Bellevue
Zip code: 98005
Type: Animals

I am a cat lady from Florida and my job brought me to Bellevue. When I was in FL, I rescued a momma cat that has been pregnant for three times. I named her Nalla. She was living outdoor,but she was friendly, I could tell she was a domesticated cat, perhaps got lost of abandoned by the previous owner. I didn't have to trap her to take home, she was friendly. The last time she gave birth to 5 kittens and I was able to find good homes for all kittens. Now I have her, Nalla with me, flew from Florida. She needs a good forever home. She is VERY...VERY friendly, affectionate, playfull and funny. She is healthy and has been SPAYED and got VACCINATION. She loves children, other pet and she loves all ages as well. I am not home alot due to my busy schedule, she needs companion. I would like to find her a good forever home. She is only two years old.
Please call or text me at my cell (561) 881 - or email