Seller: Brandy
State: Idaho
City: Bellevue
Zip code: 37221
Type: Animals

I found this beautiful black male lab running down Highway 251 near Ashland City.  I pulled over to see if he had a tag on his collar, but he didn't.  I saw immediately that he was very sweet and well behaved. I called him and he came right to me with a wiggle.  I opened my car door and he jumped right in.  He is very, very loving.  I have posted his information everywhere and have had no calls from his owner.  I have a very small house so I can't keep this beautiful boy.  He would be an ideal pet for anyone looking to love a wonderful dog.  He is pretty young...maybe 2 or 3 years old.  He is very big too.  Please...if anyone is looking for a very special dog to share a great life Brandy at () -.  I don't want to have to take him to a shelter, but I am running out of time.  Please somebody take this beautiful boy!  He is so very kind!